What we need from you to get the best from our courses?

Updated: Mar 15, 2021

There are a couple of pieces of information needed from you to be able to run our course at your premises. Once we have these we can quickly book your session without any fuss and you will be confident we will cover everything you need from the course

  1. The course/equipment you need training on including any specific details eg: mower training for Pedestrian, Ride On or Tractor Mounted.

  2. The make and model of the equipment.

  3. How many people attending and their level of experience eg: novice, experienced etc.

  4. How soon is the training required or if there any specific dates the training needs to be completed by.

  5. If there are any people attending with disabilities so the trainer can adjust the course to meet their needs.

Resources/Facilities required to run courses at a client’s premises:

In addition it also helps to have:

  • A comfortable room with chairs and tables and a wall for power-point presentation to be projected on to.

  • A suitable site for practical operation including equipment and material to be processed.

  • The Manufacturer's handbook is available for the trainer on the day.

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