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OnSite has a select team of people  with a variety of skills and experience who are ready to carry out training wherever the job takes them. We also draw upon a bank of well qualified trainers who are LANTRA and NPTC approved where necessary. All of these people are observed through a QA process as soon as they start working with us to ensure their commitment to customer care is as serious as ours.

Richard Hare - Director

Onsite Training is one of a few health and safety training companies in the Swan Safety group that we own. It is a great fit with the other fire and first aid services which means we can offer customers a really wide breath of services. For me the biggest excitement of being the Director is the opportunity to build on a really solid foundation and see the company develop and grow to meet new challenges.

Catherine Hare - Director

As Director of Onsite Training I get to be involved in all parts of the business, which I love. Gardening is one of my personal passions so it is hugely rewarding to deliver services to other horticultural businesses as well as Royal Horticultural Society courses for individuals.

Alyson Peel - Operations Manager

My role is to make sure that all the promises made to clients are realised. We have a ‘can do’ mentality here that is challenging but very rewarding.
It is all worth while though, as the fantastic feedback we receive is a great motivator and encourages us all to keep on ‘going the extra mile’.

Margaret McNeil – Partner

As a Quality Management consultant, I am a stickler for getting it right first time. I’m proud to say that all the staff follow that same mantra to make sure that clients are not disappointed. The Onsite team are all fantastic so my business development role is not a difficult task at all.

Daryl Evans – Senior Trainer-Management & Leadership

I must say that working in a business that really puts the client first is a demanding job. ‘Right first time’ is one mantra, but even when feedback is great, the question we ask ourselves is: ‘could it have been even better?' Being flexible and having excellent communication is what works - it’s a kind of competition here to see who can find a way to deal with the most unusual request!

Peter Ball – Senior Trainer Horticulture

I am one of the team that delivers the RHS qualifications here at OnSite. We were lucky to have used the gardens and grounds at Lamport Hall so we had a great venue for both learners and teachers. I also do technical training; when I get an email from the office I never know where they might be sending me, but as they say, variety is the spice of life! One thing I do know is that it will have been planned very well, so I only have to think about the most important thing which is helping the candidates to learn.

Caron Billington – RHS tutor

I’m pleased to be part of the RHS team at OnSite and Lamport. Having access to the gardens and the plots to do a little practical teaching to help the theory along is useful. The candidates are all keen, which helps us, tutors, enormously! It’s a nice break from practical gardening for me to teach and helps keep fresh what I learnt while training at Wisley.

Darren Taylor- RHS Tutor

Helping people to learn about gardening and plants is my mission in life. In this job, I meet some great people, some who are very knowledgeable and want to improve even further and some who are just really keen and are willing to get their hands dirty in order to understand their passion more. When not working at OnSite, I’m at Birmingham Botanic Gardens so even more gardening.
If you join OnSite for an RHS course you’re likely to see me at some point

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