What is ROLO training and do I need it?

ROLO stands for Register of Land-based Operations and is recognised by BuildUK as one of the leading Health, Safety and Environmental Awareness Courses in the UK. The course is designed exclusively for the Land-based industries and was created by landscaping professionals. The ROLO course was developed and is owned by the British Association of Landscape Industries (BALI) and can be delivered by any person who has been accredited as a certified ROLO trainer by BALI.

As with all health and safety training the purpose of ROLO is to educate people working in the Land-based industry about the common risks in their profession and therefore reduce the risks of accidents occurring in the workplace. It is also seen as an award of competence for staff who have successfully completed the course and employers are encouraged to keep up-to-date records of employees who have completed the ROLO course.

  • Do I need to go on a ROLO course?

As a rule most employers know which roles need to attend a ROLO course and when but if the individual is self-employed it may not be so clear. The easiest way to check is that anyone wishing to apply for, or renew, an LISS/CSCS Smartcard must first successfully pass the ROLO before they can apply.

  • How long does my ROLO training certificate last?

A ROLO certificate is valid for 5 years but if the course is being taken as a requirement for the LISS/CSCS Smartcard then the training needs to have been completed within 2 years of applying for the card.

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